All-in-One Hotline is a channel for receiving reports of non-performance or improper performance of Sintez OJSC employees' duties and violations of articles of association, other in-company documents, legislative requirements, etc.

You can report possible malversations, fraudulent, corrupt actions, underperformance, and flaws anonymously by selecting any method:

- by email

- in a phone message by calling the Moscow number 8 (800) 600-08-24

- by sending a letter to the following address: 14, building 5, st. Kozhevnicheskaya, Moscow 115114, addressed directly to the Director of the Department of Internal Audit and Control and marked as «Strictly Personal — All-in-One Hotline»

- in a message using the dedicated form

Your reports will be recorded in confidence by authorized employees of Sintez OJSC for further analysis and inspection

You can read more about the purposes of the All-in-One Hotline and opportunities it provides in the Provision on the program Sintez OJSC All-in-One Hotline for complaint reporting

You can inform the authorized person for pharmacovigilance About all adverse side reactions to drugs of Sintez OJSC.