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7 June / 2019

Sistema JSFC signs on to acquire pharmaceutical plants Sintez and Biocom from Marathon Group

      Sistema  JSFC  will acquire  Kurgan plant Sintez and Stavropol plant Biocom from Marathon Group. The parties signed a corresponding binding agreement at the St. Petersburg international economic forum.

     The deal which value is not disclosed by the parties is expected to be closed within three months after receiving approval from the Federal Antimonopoly Service and fulfilment of a number of conditions.

        Vladimir  Evtushenkov's  Sistema JSFC already has pharmaceutical assets, namely Binnopharm plant and a share in the pharmaceutical enterprise Obolenskoe. It is planned to create Alium holding group with four industrial sites in Moscow and the Moscow region on the basis of these enterprises. Portfolio of the merged company will include 200 product items. Sintez and Biocom can then become parts of Alium. In that case, the product portfolio of the merged company will expand to 500 items.

   Moreover, in early June 2019, Sistema JSFC announced a project to create a full-cycle biotechnological R&D laboratory on the territory of the International Medical Cluster in Skolkovo. Sets of instruments for diagnosis and drugs will be developed and laboratory diagnostics services will be provided here. It is planned that together with the production infrastructure, the creation of the complex will require investments in the amount of 4.5 billion roubles. 

      Sintez  and  Biocom are controlled by Farm-Tsentr, the structure of Marathon Group. Sintez produces more than 300 product items and medical devices of which about 30% is manufactured from its own pharmaceutical substances. The enterprise intended to invest 3.5 billion roubles of its own funds in the development in 2019-2021 and use them to modernize the production of antibiotics and for a new line for the gel production. In 2018, Sintez revenue amounted to 8.5 billion roubles.

        Biocom specialize in the production of antibacterial agents, products used in the treatment of diseases of the central nervous system and cardiovascular diseases. In 2017, the enterprise revenue amounted to 811.4 million roubles.

     Sintez  and  Biocom  were parts of Marathon Pharma subholding company of the group belonging to Alexander Vinokurov and Sergey Zakharov. It now includes pharmacy chain Megapharm (A-Mega, Da, zdorov!, Azbuka Life), shares in Bentus Laboratories (it manufactures products under Sanitelle brand) and vaccine producer Fort.

        In February 2018, Marathon Group signed an agreement with Rostec on the consolidation of pharmaceutical assets. Blocking share holding had to pass to Marathon Group and 49% of SIA group had to pass to Rostec. Sia was later sold to food retailer Magnit. "Initially, Natsimbio and we had the strategy of the assets consolidation to create a national logistics operator. We later realised that SIA capacities are excessive for Natsimbio business operations due to the changing market", Alexander Vinokurov explained. According to him, now the subholding company focuses on the immunobiology, the group develops the remaining production asses, namely immunobiological products plant Fort.