4 March / 2020

Sintez Employee Wins Mayor's Award

Sintez’ operator of semisynthetic antibiotic production was awarded with the prize for the working youth

   The awards ceremony occurred on March 3, in the Kurgan Palace of Youth Creativity. Nina Spireva, Sintez's operator of sterile penicillin substances production, and five other young employees of industrial enterprises received the prize from Mayor Andrey Potapov.
   Nina Spireva has been working at the plant for 10 years already. She began her career sifting sterile substances. Since then, the woman has mastered technology of penicillin and cephalosporin substances production, and won Best Sintez Young Employee Award. Now, Nina is responsible for arranging the whole shift's operation and makes important decisions on her own.
   Sintez practises tutorship system. Young employees get constant assistance from their experienced colleagues. When one has somebody to consult, it is easy and exciting to master new skills. 'The team of our workshop has become my second family,' Nina Spireva tells. 'I am going to advance professionally. Now, I study in the Kurgan State College.'
    Mayor's  Award  is  presented annually during last 10 years. This prize was instituted to raise the profile of nonprofessional jobs. This year, 24 people were nominated for the Award. Among them were four women, two of whom worked at Sintez JSC. The contestants represented 13 Kurgan enterprises. All participants were young people between 22 and 30, who managed to succeed in the very beginning of their careers and contributed to the improvement of production efficiency.
    'We are proud of our young employees, especially that they receive Mayor's Award year on year despite the high competition,' highlighted Sergey Klykov, Sintez CEO.
   Sintez JSC is one of the Russian major pharmaceutical companies in the industry. Its shareholders are Sistema JSFC and Rostec State Corporation's Nacimbio JSC.