11 September / 2020

Sintez Gives Prizes to Buyers of the New Analgesic Paracitolgin

The promotion "Replace pain with a smartphone" was launched in Russian pharmacies in September

Sintez OJSC (part of the Alium Group, owned by Sistema PJSFC; also, Nacimbio of Rostec State Corporation is a shareholder of Sintez OJSC) launched the promotion "Replace pain with a smartphone" for the buyers of the new analgesic Paracitolgin, which will take place from September 1, 2020, until January 15, 2021. The company plans to give away 6 SAMSUNG and APPLE smartphones weekly; once a month, the main prize will be an APPLE iPhone 11 Pro Max.

To participate in the contest, buyers must purchase Paracitolgin in any pharmacy in Russia, keep the receipt, register it on, take a photo and upload it, and indicate a contact phone number. The winners are selected using a special formula, which can be found on the official website of the medicinal product in the "Rules" section.

Sintez OJSC started producing Paracitolgin, a medicinal product for headache and other types of pain, in July, after receiving the registration certificate. The main ingredients of Paracitolgin are ibuprofen and paracetamol; their combination enhances the action of one another and increases the effectiveness of Paracitolgin by 1.5 times compared to single-entity products. Paracitolgin is available without a prescription. Please consult a specialist prior to use.