25 June / 2020

Sintez Supports Healthcare Workers Combating COVID-19

     In late June, Sintez OJSC (part of Sistema PJSFC, with National Immunobiological Company by Rostec as a shareholder) held the Helping Medics with Angiorus charity campaign. It did so in collaboration with the Support Center for Medics involved in fighting the novel coronavirus, which was established by the Sistema Financial Corporation and Medsi Group.

    Along with the Sistema Charitable Foundation, the company delivered over 700 packages of Angiorus (a venotonic produced by the company) to Moscow hospitals in order to ensure the good health of medics, nurses, nursing assistants, and ambulance crew who have been pushed to their limits by the pandemic, which has put extreme stress on their legs.

    Angiorus was supplied to two hospitals in Moscow: the Bashlyaeva Children's City Clinical Hospital and Clinical Hospital for Infectious Diseases No. 2. A course of treatment with Angiorus improves vein tone and protects blood vessels by alleviating pain and swelling in the legs and by eliminating cramps and the sensation of tiredness. Angiorus is available without prescription. Please consult a specialist prior to use.