30 April / 2020

Sintez helped retirees

   The company has joined to the all-Russian campaign “We are together”.

  The factory has bought 400 food sets that include grits, dairy and meat products, and sweet goods. The company sent 350 sets to the Main Directorate of Social Security of Kurgan Region. The agency delivered them to old people, and the factory veterans also received 50 sets.

   “We are together” is the all-Russian campaign aiming at the help to old people, people with restricted mobility, and health care workers during COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone can take part in the campaign and help those who need it.

   According to the Main Directorate of Social Security 2,400 especially distressed retirees aged 65 and more live in Kurgan. All of them are in the risk group for COVID-19, and we can help them during this hard time. To join the all-Russian campaign, apply electronically at the official website “Мывместе”.