3 September / 2020

Sintez in Kurgan to upgrade the package production shop

The plant will produce 15% more packages for its products

In September, as a part of the implementation of its investment program Sintez OJSC (part of the Alium Group, owned by Sistema PJSFC; also, Nacimbio of Rostec State Corporation is a shareholder of Sintez OJSC) commissioned a new folding and gluing line for the production of drug packages. The equipment, produced by the Chinese company Apollo-65FC, will increase the productivity of the cardboard unit of the plant's typography by 15% and decrease the load of similar lines. The unit produces more than 13 mln packages and more than 22 mln package inserts per month.

The length of the new line is more than 15 m; the equipment was installed as a single block to provide a continuous production process: from forming and gluing to the finished package. The capacity of the line is about 300,000 packages per shift.

In 2020, as a part of the investment program, the plant plans to upgrade the equipment for the production of antibacterial drugs, syrups, tablets, and suspensions, as well as for quality control in labs.

Sintez OJSC carries out the whole production cycle: from active pharmaceutical ingredients and modern generics to finished packages. The plant, which began working in 1958, still maintains one of the highest levels of localization in the Russian pharmaceutical industry and is the leading manufacturer of antibiotics among Russian companies. In 2019, Sintez OJSC started implementing the largest investment program in its history, as a part of which it has already expanded the production of cephalosporin and penicillin antibiotics in the finished pharmaceutical form, launched a modern R&D center, doubled the production capacity of salves, and gels, introduced new substances, etc.