29 April / 2019

Sintez strengthens its presence in the Azerbaijan pharmaceutical market

Registration certificate for the product Chondroitin-AKOS in capsules was obtained 

    In the first quarter of 2019, Sintez JSC (a member of Marathon Group and Natsimbio) received all necessary documents to sell the product Chondroitin-AKOS in capsules in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan. It is used in the treatment of locomotor system diseases, including degenerative and age-related changes in the joints and spine. The drug product contributes to the tissue regeneration while improving the quality of life.
  Currently, more than 60 names of the medicines of different forms have marketing authorizations in the Republic of Azerbaijan: powders for solutions, suspensions, injections, tablets, ointments, gels, sprays, drops, etc. "Three more medicinal products are undergoing the registration certificate procedures now. They are used in the treatment and prevention of the venous system diseases and bacterial infections. The documents are expected to be obtained by July", Sergey Klykov, CEO of Sintez JSC, explained.
    Šccording to the results of the year, the plant increased product shipments to Azerbaijan by 15% and supplied more than 6 million packages (vials) in an amount totaling more than 116 million rubles to the republic. It is also planned to increase supply volumes by the end of 2019.