28 February / 2020

Tasty Cold Symptoms Relief

Pharmacies start selling lemon flavored Prostudoks in new packs

   Kurgan Plant Sintez launched first batches of newly packed cold drug Prostudoks. At the same time, the enterprise has extended the assortment. Now, customers can try lemon flavored medicine instead of the usual black current one.
   ‘Prostudoks is one of Sintez's top medicines in the retail market. With 1,5-2 times higher concentration of the active substance, it is cheaper than its analogues,' says Sergey Klykov, Sintez CEO. 'We expect that customers will enjoy the trendy appearence of the pack and lemon flavor.'
    New pack for Prostudoks has been designed according to the latest marketing trends. 'It is attractive, informative and distinctive,' continues Sergey Klykov. ‘Plus, we invented two elements for easy visual identification of the brand. We highlight OK to settle the association with problems solution and depict the vivid yellow cup to remind of warmth and coziness. We plan to use these trade marks in further advertising campaigns.'
   In 2019, Sintez started to develop new trendy packs for a number of promising drugs. Rinorus nasal spray, Slabikap drops, Angiorus venotonic medications have already changed their 'clothes' and draw customer’s attention in the shelves.
   Keep it in mind that Prostudoks (with paracetamol as its active substance), medicine relieving cold and flu symptoms, eases headache, runny and stuffy nose, fever, and corrects vitamin C deficiency. This medicine is available without a prescription, but it is recommended to consult your physician.
   Sintez JSC is one of the Russian major pharmaceutical companies in the industry. Its shareholders are Sistema JSFC and Rostec State Corporation's Nacimbio JSC.