6 November / 2020

The A.K. Yugov Kurgan Regional Library has received sets of new books

In October, the "Sistema" charitable foundation collaborated with Sintez OJSC, an asset of the largest pharmaceutical holding company in Russia, "Binnopharm Group" (a subsidiary of Sistema PJSFC), to purchase new sets of books for the A.K. Yugov Kurgan Regional Universal Scientific Library.

Thanks to the contribution, the library collection has gained new works of scientific literature, fiction, and journalistic literature. More than 100 new titles will be distributed throughout the sections of the library and will soon be available to all readers.

"The mission of our library is to promote educational development in the region, especially among young people. We strive to instill students with a love of books –   ordinary paper books that you can touch and feel in your hand, flip through, and search for different sections," noted Natalia Kitaytseva, the director of the library. "Now, thanks to the support of our benefactors, we can offer our readers topical and relevant literature and add new titles to our catalog."

The A.K. Yugov Library is the primary book depository in the Trans-Ural region. It holds over 2.3 million documents and publications, including a number of rare and valuable works, titles in foreign languages and e-books. More than 170 thousand people visit the library every year. These visitors are often treated to organized presentations of new publications, creative meetings, and events dedicated to literature and music.

The book donation was part of the "Sistema Fest" charitable festival organized by the "Sistema" charitable foundation, which controls the social investments for Sistema PJSFC and Sintez OJSC with support from the government of the Kurgan region. A "System of Good Deeds — Kurgan" strategic session was held alongside the festival, as well as a grant competition that is open to ambitious locals in the region.