4 June / 2020

Women of Today United by Angiorus

   At the end of May, Sintez OJSC launched an Instagram account for Angiorus venotonic tablets, one of its best-in-class medicines. The aim of the account, named “Confident Women’s Club”, is prevention of varicose veins. Posts are intended to support today’s women, so the account contains useful recommendations by psychologists, nutritionists and doctors, quizzes, encouraging stories about successful women, and much more, in addition to information about the medicine itself. “Angiorus and its Instagram account are everything you need for self-confidence and confidence in the way you walk” is the project’s main motto.  
   In May, " Confident Women’s Club " was supported by Russian theatre and film stars, and popular Instagram bloggers. Marina Fedunkiv, an actress from the Comedy Woman project, and Valentina Rubtsova, a star of TV series for young viewers, posted funny videos on their social network pages about the advantages of Angiorus, especially during self-isolation. In the near future, regional bloggers from seven major Russian cities are planning to join the promotion of the medicine and its Instagram account.
   Let us recall that Angiorus tablets’ main active ingredients are Hesperidin and Diosmin. A course of the medicine improves vein tone and vascular protection: it reduces pain and swelling in the legs, relieves cramps and fatigue. Yet it is cheaper than its analogues (according to an audit by the AlphaRM analytical company). The medicine is available over the counter. Check with your doctor before use.