Company development history


October 15 — plant commissioning date.
The first inoculation machine seeded, and the first kilograms of BIOMYCIN received by November 7.


The USSR's first antibiotic drugs for veterinary use
Vitamin B12 obtained, the first antibiotic drugs in the USSR for veterinary use, growth stimulator for plants – gibberellin. Development and release of tablet-form drugs. Production facilities for manufacture of oxytetracycline, benzylpenicillin, phenoxymethylpenicillin were commissioned.


Development of injectables production.
Production of plastic medical products was started. The plant was reorganized into the Kurgan medical preparations and articles plant Sintez. Manufacturing of new antifungal drugs — Amphotericin B, Amfogljukamin.


Further development of production, introduction of new technologies.
The complex of local treatment facilities with mechanical and biological waste water treatment is commissioned, contaminated air emissions are eliminated. Production of ampicillin, heparin was started. The industrial complex is awarded with the order of Badge of Honor.


Corporatization of enterprises occurred on December 30, 1992.
Changing the assortment policy. Search and development of finished dosage forms for the external and internal use made of generic drug substances (tablets, capsules, ampoules, ointments, tinctures, powders, eye drops). Their introduction increased the range from 40 to 200 titles.


Manufacturing of modern, effective generic drugs, introduction of new pharmaceutical forms.
Started manufacturing of coated tablets, solutions for infusion in glass bottles and drops in polymer vials, powders in single-dose sachet type packs, sprays, gels. Production facilities were upgraded. Production of cephalosporin and penicillic substances were launched. Sintez is the only manufacturer who started production of sodium thiopental in Russia.


Sintez is one of the fastest-growing Russian retail manufacturers
The company approved the largest-scale investment program in its history. Under the program, Sintez boosted the production of cephalosporin and penicillin antibiotics in the finished pharmaceutical form, launched an R&D center, doubled the production capacity of salves and gels, introduced new substances, drugs, and healthcare products, completed one of the largest Russian marking system implementation projects (the marking equipment was installed at 27 production lines). The company was rebranded. Sintez involved itself deeply in retail sales having joined the ranks of the fastest-growing Russian retail manufacturers by late 2019. For the first time in the company's history, its annual revenue topped RUB 10 billion, and its retail sales increased by 42%. In 2019, Sintez joined the leading investment company Sistema JSFC.