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20 October / 2020
The online strategic session "System of Good Deeds — Kurgan" has drawn to a close in the region.

The online strategic session "System of Good Deeds — Kurgan" has drawn to a close in the region. Over 100 university and vocation school students took part in it. The event brought together young people from Kurgan and various districts of the region, as well as experts representing major businesses, public organizations, mentors and social entrepreneurship consultants from several Russian cities.

On the first day of the session, the students picked what they believed were the most pressing issues in the region, such as the state of the environment, the poor state of the arts and entertainment infrastructure, the unsatisfactory condition of the courtyards in the apartment complexes and other urban spaces, lack of accessible spaces for people with disabilities.

The organizers then divided the participants into groups, each of which worked with an expert. On the second day, the participants pitched their ideas. There were projects that sought to tackle environmental issues, such as garbage recycling, cleaning of water bodies, the launch of an environmental education program for the young. The students also presented projects to protect stray animals, build sports grounds, increase legal awareness and support families affected by diabetes.

The strategic session was the first event of the Sistema Fest charity festival, organized by the Sistema charity foundation, the manager of social investments for Sistema PJSFC and Kurgan State University with the support of the regional government. Sintez OJSC is a subsidiary of Sistema PJSFC. The Sistema Fest plans to combine the best social practices.

The next stage of the festival is a grants competition. Applications can be submitted by November 18 by participants of the Strategic session, as well as all residents of the region aged 18 to 30. Applications can be submitted on the website of the Sistema charity foundation or in the official VK community of the Sistema Fest. Sintez OJSC's press service says that the winners will be announced on December 3.