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6 November / 2020
The Sistema charity foundation and Sintez OJSC have purchased sets of new books for the Yugov Kurgan regional universal science library.

The new books include research, fiction and non-fiction titles. A total of 100 new books have been purchased, which are eventually going to be distributed to several reading halls in the library, so all readers can access them, the Company's press service announced.

"The mission of our library is to help develop education in the region, including education for the young. We're trying to teach students to love and appreciate books, and by books I mean the old fashioned paper books, the kind that you can hold in your hands, leaf through and go back to the page you want," notes Yugo library Director, Natalya Kataitseva. "Thanks to the support of our sponsors, we can offer our readers the most relevant and up-to-date titles and get new books for our library."

According to a representative of Sintez's press service, the donation of the books was one of the educational projects of the Sistema Fest charity festival, organized by the Sistema charity foundation, which runs social investments for Sistema PJSFC, Sintez OJSC with the support of the government of the Kurgan Region. The festival also featured a strategic session titled a System of Good Deeds — Kurgan, and the start of a grant competition for local activists.