2 April / 2021

Binnopharm Group Plant in Kurgan Increases Its Revenue by 42% Exceeding 13 Billion Rubles in 2020

The pharmaceutical holding Binnopharm Group, which unites Alium, JSC (includes Binnopharm, JSC) and Sintez, OJSC (includes Biocom, CJSC), the portfolio companies owned by AFK Sistema, disclosed the financial results achieved by Sintez, OJSC in 2020 and reported via the RAS. The Kurgan plant increased its year-over-year revenue by 42% exceeding 13 billion rubles. In 2020, Sintez produced more than 317 million of packages with finished products.

“The pandemic resulted in some adjustments made to production plans at all the plants owned by Binnopharm Group; we were forced to adapt quite fast and in a flexible manner based on market needs and changes in demand. Our results achieved in 2020 at the Kurgan site show that we increased by 44% the output of those drugs recommended by the Russian Ministry of Health in treatment guidelines for COVID-19, which are mostly antibiotics administered in extremely severe cases of the disease,” says Rustem Muratov, General Director at Binnopharm Group, and continues, “But at the same time, we managed not only to keep the manufacturing levels of other highly sought drugs unrelated to COVID-19 but to boost the output of various products. Our capacities were utilized to the fullest extent last year.”

Sintez increased its sales in retail by 25% in 2020; retail leaders were Diclofenac-AKOS and Ibuprofen-AKOS (analgesics), Ceftriaxone and Levofloxacin (antibiotics) and Rinorus (decongestant nasal spray).

Revenue coming from the sale of export products of the company increased by 40% in monetary terms and exceeded 2 billion rubles in 2020. The majority of these volumes Sintez supplied to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.

In the end of October 2020, Sintez plus 4 manufacturing sites operated by Alium, JSC (Serpukhov District in Moscow Region), Binnopharm, JSC (2 sites: Zelenograd and Krasnogorsk) and Biocom, CJSC (Stavropol) became part of Binnopharm Group holding, which unites the portfolio companies owned by AFK Sistema