9 February / 2021

Binnopharm Group Expands Its Own Substance Production Capacities

The Binnopharm Group pharmaceutical holding, which unites AFK Sistema’s portfolio companies Alium JSC (includes Binnopharm JSC) and Sintez OJSC (includes Biocom CJSC), increases the production capacity for chemical synthesis substances by crystallization at the Sintez plant in Kurgan. The work is carried out as part of the program for import substitution and increasing the production localization.

Rustem Muratov, Director General of Binnopharm Group: “We are constantly increasing the production localization for key drugs, especially those on the Vital and Essential Drugs (VED) list and recommendations of the Ministry of Health for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. The experience of the pandemic shows how important it is to protect the country from possible interruptions in the supply of raw materials from abroad; therefore, we have strengthened our work in this field. For instance, at the end of last year, the Company completed a large-scale project to increase the production capacities for antibacterial substances of the β-lactam series, having invested more than RUB 320 million therein. Now, we will produce annually more than seventy tons of Ceftriaxone cephalosporin antibiotic, used in COVID-19 treatment protocols, from our own substance. We have recently developed and launched the industrial production of a new substance called Terizidone, which is an active substance for the anti-tuberculosis drug with the same name.”

In 2019, Sintez OJSC, the Binnopharm Group’s production site, was issued the only registration certificate in Russia for the Diclofenac-Sodium substance. The Company started working on the development of this substance several years ago after the Russian pharmaceutical market had faced a shortage of its supplies from China. We have now completed a project to expand capacities at the crystallization site, which will allow us to produce up to 30% of diclofenac preparations from our own substance. Diclofenac eye drops, pills, and solutions are included in the VED list.

Sintez manufactures about 35% of products, including antibiotics, in a full cycle, from its own substances. The Company produces about 200 tons of pharmaceutical substances per year.