7 December / 2020

In the Trans-Urals, the results of the grant competition Good Deeds System: Kurgan were summed up

The charity foundation Sistema, the operator of the social investments of Sistema PJSFC, in conjunction with the pharmaceutical company Sintez OJSC (a subsidiary of Binnopharm Group, which belongs to Sistema PJSFC; one of the shareholders in Sintez OJSC is State Corporation Rostech's National Immunobiological Company) summed up the results of the grant competition Good Deeds System: Kurgan for the residents of the region. The competition was supported by the government of Kurgan Oblast and the department of education and science.

The main goal of the competition is to promote volunteer activities by supporting volunteer initiatives in Kurgan Oblast. Local residents aged 18 to 30 were invited to propose projects to solve various social issues. The competition's panel of experts reviewed 31 applications with a total budget of more than 2.5 million rubles from various towns and districts of Kurgan Oblast: Ketovsky, Vargashinsky, Yurgamyshky, Safakulevsky, Almenevsky, Lebyazhevsky as well as from Kurgan and Shadrinsk. The projects included in the applications included educational activities for youth aimed at improving their legal literacy, environment, and improving the quality of life for the disabled.

The following applications won in the contest:
1 Alena Shvets, the Real Mirage project, construction of a street venue for mass events in the town of Lopatki, grant: RUB 100,000; 
2. Maria Pershina, a theater production casting young people with a criminal record called My Way, grant: RUB 100,000; 
3. Olga Korotkova, a career advice workshop called PROtailor, grant: RUB 100,000; 
4. Julia Stadukhina, an environmental education project for students about the types and classes of hazardous waste, titled Conquering Mountains of Trash, grant: RUB 32,267; 
5. Alexandra Yakovleva, the open interactive venue Family Courtyard for family recreation in Kurgan Oblast, grant: RUB 100,000; 
6. Dmitry Bryzgalov, Golden Key, a puppet performance about waste sorting, grant: RUB 64,733.

All the grant sums include personal income tax. The financial support of volunteer initiatives will help create educational projects and interactive venues for the young in Kurgan Oblast. The winners of the competition must implement their projects by the end of April 2021. They will be supervised by experts from the Sistema charity foundation. The winners will then present the results of their projects at Sistema Fest, a festival that brings together the best social practices of the Sistema charity foundation and its partners in education and culture.