16 June / 2020

Sintez launches COVID-19 medicine production in Kurgan

  Sintez, OJSC (Sistema Public Joint Stock Financial Corporation and National Immunobiological Company (Nacimbio), part of Rostec, are the shareholders in Sintez, JSC) has expanded its capacity for producing Hydroxychloroquine, which is recommended by the treatment guidelines of Russia’s Ministry of Health for treating coronavirus disease. Hydroxychloroquine can currently be produced both at the site of Biocom, JSC (a subsidiary of Sintez, OJSC, holding a marketing authorisation) in Stavropol, and at the Sintez Plant in Kurgan. These two plants can produce up to 300,000 packages of Hydroxychloroquine a week. Meanwhile, Biocom, which in April-May 2020 produced mainly Hydroxychloroquine, will be able to resume production of other medicines according to schedule.
   “The expansion of the capacity for producing Hydroxychloroquine through to transfer of technology to the Synthesis plant in Kurgan will make it possible to satisfy the demand for the medicine in the Russian healthcare sector, should COVID-19 spread further. It will also ensure regular supplies to the retail market (this medicine is used in treating rheumatoid arthritis and lupus erythematosus)”, said Sergey Klykov, General Director of Pharm-Center, JSC (the managing company of Sintez and Biocom). “Since April 2020, we have sent about 650 thousand packages of Hydroxychloroquine to hospitals in different regions of the Russian Federation and have shipped more than 18 thousand packages for retail sale”.
   Production was transferred exceptionally quickly to the Sintez Plant in Kurgan and the first batch of the medicine has successfully undergone the triple quality control. Hydroxychloroquine produced in the Sintez Plant’s unit for manufacturing finished dosage forms and substances. A new development by the company is a method for coating the tablets with a special shell that allows the medicine to be absorbed more easily.